The Russian army is increasing its military power at sea in the occupied Crimea, and engages its navy to the Syrian conflict, according to the expert of "Maidan of Foreign Affairs" fund, the Chief Editor of the Internet portal BlackSeaNews Andrei Klimenko.

“The Russian fleet in Crimea has significantly enhanced over the past 2 years. Frigate "Admiral Grigorovich," the three submarines, armed with a cruise missiles complex "Kalibr" have already fired Syria from the Mediterranean Sea. Just yesterday two small missile ships of the Black Sea Fleet went from Sevastopol to the eastern Mediterranean, to the shores of Syria,” Klimenko said.

The expert went on saying that Russia has expanded the Black Sea fleet with new tugs, seven large landing ships which can take 7 battalions with tanks on board.

Turkey will not be able to close the Straits to Russian warships and merchant vessels bound for Syria, due to the risk to violate the international law and the Montreux Convention, adopted in 1936 and signed by most world countries.

During the Second World War, Turkey upheld neutrality, despite pressure from Germany, and did not close the Bosporus and the Dardanelles.

However, under Article 20 of the Convention, passing of warships through the straits depends solely on the decision of the Turkish government during the war, which involves Turkey.

Article 21 provides that the limitation is possible if Turkey is threatened with imminent danger of war. Ankara must prove the fact of threat to the UN.

Due to a complicated situation in the Middle East, the United Nations is unlikely to recognize Syria as a potential aggressor against Turkey.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the share of modern military equipment samples of all types for land, sea and air to be increased to 70% - 100% in the Southern Military District by the end of 2020.

Photo: Internet