Two Russian bombers flew directly below the Icelandic passenger plane, which followed from the largest Icelandic International airport Keflavík to Stockholm, the Iceland Monitor newspaper informs.

Reportedly, the NATO military tracked the flight of long-range bombers Tu-22-M to Spain.

“Approaching Spain, they turned around and flown back north to Russia.” the report says.

The report specifies that the Russian aircraft approached the passenger airliner near Norwegian airspace. Bombers switched off the radar and did not report their presence.

The pilot of the Icelandic aircraft informed, that he saw the two bombers out of the window. According to him, their maneuvers were quite dangerous.

"They turn off all their radars which meant that our crash prevention systems didn't work. It can't detect the planes. If they make a mistake in keeping their distance from us there's nothing in our systems to warn us," he said.

Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M attacked terrorist camps near Palmyra in Syria. For the first time Russia's Armed Forces have used them to hit the militants, when it revealed that the "Islamic State" is responsible for the explosion of the Russian airliner over the Sinai.

Tu-22M is a long-range supersonic bomber. Tu-22Ms depart from Russian air base Mozdok in the south of the country. The main purpose of long-range aviation is to destroy contact and control points, airports, and critical infrastructure like bridges, ports and the like in the enemy's operational and strategic rear.

Photo: Internet