At Chongar, Crimea, Russian military forces shoveled the field sown with winter crops and established their military control center there.  This was said to QHA agency by the eyewitness, Ernest O.

According to Ernest, the Russian militants also ousted the Ukrainian state auto inspection checkpoint at the place and established their block station there.  They illegally inspect vehicles, which enter and exit Crimea.     

“My car has been expected for several times already.  To my question ‘who they are’ and ‘on what basis they daily inspect my car’ and a request to show their documents, people in green uniform don’t respond,”- said Ernest. 

Also, according to Ernest, there are already about 300 people at the place.

“There is a field nearby, which is sown with winter crops.  They completely shoveled it, dug trenches and put a field kitchen there.  Together with the military, there are Cossacks and representatives of the disbanded “Berkut” forces there.  They have put up several big military tents there.  There are also three armored troop-carriers there.”

Local residents are mostly angered by the fact that the soldiers shoveled the field sown with crops, thus depriving them from harvest and also by the search of their vehicles by military people with unclear representation.