At the moment, it is known about the search of the leader and organizer of today's action on the Kulikovo field, Moris Ibrahim, as well as its participants Victoria Machulka and Natalia Dementieva. According to unconfirmed information, SBU officers conduct investigative actions at least at three other addresses.
Reportedly, in connection with planned mass events in the period from 2 to 9 May in Odessa, two thousand police officers increased control in the area. Together with the units of the Security Service of Ukraine SBU, they actively conduct counter-terrorism measures on the territory of the city and the region.
The movement of vehicles in the center of Odessa and in the area of ​​Kulikovo Field is blocked by the National Police. To prevent mass riots, the entire territory of the Kulikovo Field is patrolled by police detachments and soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine, and the entry of citizens into its territory is permitted only through installed metal detectors.
The action of pro-Russian activists on the Kulikovo field in Odessa is to be held today at 14 o'clock.
PHOTO: Internet