The airstrike on a school in the Syrian city of Idlib has become the most brutal crime against humanity.

The statement of the international organization UNICEF reports that 22 children and 6 teachers were killed in the attack. As in most cases of air strikes on civilians, it is not yet clear who is responsible for the barbaric crime - the Assad regime or Russia. The international organization emphasizes that if the attack was deliberate, it will be regarded as a war crime.

Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Valery Churkin hiding behind the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, called the incident terrible:

“It's terrible, I hope that we are not involved. I can easily say "No", but I am a responsible person. I need to see the respond of our Defense Minister on the matter.

The Syrian city of Idlib subjected to air attacks by the Assad regime and Russia due to the dislocation of the Syrian opposition forces in it.

Previously, the Russian Federation stated that the issue of continuing the "humanitarian pause" in Syria, which began on October 18, is irrelevant.