Today, on the morning of November 8, Russian security forces with SWAT patches came with a search in the house of the Crimean Tatars Ablyamitovs in the settlement of Azovske in Dzhankoy district of the annexed Crimea.

According to the NGO Crimean Solidarity, five members of the family, including a one and half year-old child, dwell in the house.

The search began at 7:00 am. The security officials came in two GAZelle vehicles.

Security forces took away the son of the owner of the house Ablyalim Ablyamitov and his pregnant wife Aizhan in an unknown direction. Later it became known, that they are in the FSB department in Simferopol.

During the searches, the elderly father of Ablyalim became ill, ambulance was called for him.

According to journalist Anton Naumlyuk, about two dozen security officers participated in the search. They inspected all the premises in the house, as well as the constructions in the yard.

The detained Ablyamitovs were put into different cars, one of which went to the direction of Simferopol, the other to Dzhankoy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted on another search in the occupied Crimea.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariana Betsa noted that Russia's goal was to destroy the indigenous people of the Crimea. She stated that all the evidences of illegal acts will be forwarded to the international courts.

On October 30, Russian security forces came with a search into the house of the Crimean Tatar Dilyaver Gafarov and took him to the detention center of Simferopol.

A day later, the Kievsky District Court of Simferopol issued a decision to arrest the Crimean Tatar until December 25.

Soon, the Russian and Crimean media reported that Gafarov allegedly served in the volunteer battalion named after Noman Chelebizhikhan, was a member of the Asker social formation and participated in the economic blockade of the Crimea.