April 16, the occupation police officers raided entrepreneurs at the radio market of Simferopol, the human rights defender Lenura Engulatova reported on Facebook.

According to her information, the security forces surrounded the territory of the market along the perimeter and seized the equipment that was not certified under Russian standards.

“In the radio market (Central Market, Simferopol), police officers of the Zheleznodorozhny police station are raiding entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of telephone equipment (smartphones, iPhones, etc.), with the purpose of seizing phones that are not certified under the Russian Federation, i.e. those that had not been recorded as goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation ("gray" phones),” she wrote.

Also, documents were checked, namely passports of Russian citizens.

“An unidentified person who presented the passport of Ukraine was detained by the police and sent to the police department. The Entrepreneurs who have all the necessary documents with certificates still have their goods seized," the human rights activist added.

12:30 - Mumina Salieva: Reportedly, in the area of the Zvezda cinema along Lermontov Street in the underground passage in one of the kiosks for the sale of telephones and gadgets, the entrepreneur Iset was detained. Representatives of the Center for Countering Extremism (CCE) were there. Details are being clarified.

17:00 - Lenura Engulatova reported, that details on the raids are not specified yet.

Earlier, on April 6, security officials raided the central market of Simferopol.

According to human rights activists, more than 70 people were detained, including journalist Taras Ibrahimov and human rights activist Andrei Krisko. Before the release, the detainees were photographed, fingerprinted and their personal data was recorded.

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