Novostionline information resource supporting the militants’ activities in Donbass region, reported a powerful blast in Donetsk region. According to the information posted on their site, local residents reported the gas pipeline blast in Novoazovskiy district that cut off gas supply seven nearby villages. Rescue workers and Donbassgaz employees are working at incident location.

The administration of the Donetsk Emergency Service has not confirmed the information. Donbassgaz enterprise has debunked the incident saying their employees have received neither information, nor emergency call.

According to the Administartion of the Ukraine’s State Emergency Service in Donetsk region, no blasts have been observed on the Ukraine-controlled area, the agency is working in usual mode.

According to the separatists’ webpage, the incident occurred due to the Ukrainian saboteurs’ activities in the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the report, information on the blast has been confirmed by Novoazovsk Council Head Oleg Wink. It should be reminded that the city of Novoazovsk is controlled by Russia-backed terrorists of the so-called "DPR". The purpose of the "information moves" is to undermine the situation in the conflict zone.