Sevastopol residents complain about flooding. Last weekend, the rain flooded several houses with dismantled roofs.

According to the local forum, the house number 21 in the Gagarin avenue and house number 33 in the Victory avenue particularly suffered. The videos taken by citizens of Sevastopol, show that rainwater pours right inside the porch.

The Acting Director of the municipal economy department Andrei Chibisov said that the repair of 12 bare roofs, which was delayed due to the failure of contracting commitments, will be completed by 1 November.

“Contracting organization was changed. The contractors started restoration of 5 roofs on Saturday, and today repair work will start at the remaining 7. Renovation of all 12 roofs will be completed by November 1,” Chibisov said.

He noted that as a result of the rains on Saturday, apartments were flooded in buildings where the roof repair was not completed. The "authorities" recorded all the cases, and Chibisov assured that the repair works will be performed at the cost of contractors who disrupted roofs repair.

Overhaul of the roofs in 12 apartment buildings has not been completed within the time limit. The area of dismantled and abandoned by unscrupulous contractors roofing was 5.5 thousand square meters.

Photos and text: Iskra (Spark)