This morning, boat with 600 illegal migrants on board capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Egypt. The migrants were trying to move from conflict areas to Europe, the AA agency informs.

According to recent reports, 43 people were killed. The rescuers got their bodies out of the sea. About 150 people were rescued.

The remaining 400 migrants are still missing.

The Security Services of Beheira reported that the ship capsized because of the inadmissible number of passengers. Refugees from Egypt, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and Syria were on board.

It is not the first capsized boat with refugees in the Mediterranean. But the number of such incidents reduced significantly compared to 2015, due to Agreement between Ankara and Brussels on resolving migration crisis, signed in March this year. According to the document, Turkey has agreed to take back migrants who illegally profit from its territory to Greece. The significant flow of refugees who left Syria because of the civil war and the unceasing hostilities caused a political crisis in a number of European Union countries.

PHOTO: Twitter