Hundreds of cars and public transport have got stuck in kilometer-long traffic jams on the main streets of Russia-occupied Simferopol.

The hugest traffic tie-ups are at the intersection of Sevastopolskaya St. and Dmitry Ulyanov St., according to "Crimean News." The traffic movement at Proletarian St. also has led to a large congestion.

A huge jam is at Rosa Luxemburg St. where passengers are disembarked at a bus stop "Hotel Ukraina."

The Crimean pseudo-authorities have blocked the center of the city of Simferopol due to the celebration of the second anniversary of the so-called "Crimean Spring” that resulted in Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which is Ukraine’s territory.

As QHA reported earlier, Moscow is to celebrate the capture of Ukrainian peninsula on March, 18.

Photo: Internet