The leader of a terrorist group, born in Sakhalin region (Russian Federation), together with accomplices, residents of Kiev region, plotted attacks in Kiev.

Thanks to the ‘Alpha’ special division’s efficiency the terrorists have been seized near the volunteer help reception center for soldiers of the antiterrorist operation.

The terrorists were putting up an active armed resistance – they managed to blast a RGD-5 grenade in front of the reception center. In response, the guards used the service weapon - one of the terrorists was shot in a leg. The terrorists have been impounded of items that could be used for terrorist attacks in the capital. Thus, the Security Service officers have managed to prevent a real threat to life and health of Kiev people.

As it turned out, the leader of the terrorist group was supposed to leave for temporarily Russia-occupied Crimea immediately after the attack.

Central Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine a criminal proceeding under Part. 2 Sect. 258 (act of terrorism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine has been opened.