March 27 at 12:00, a massive protest action of truckers began in the Russian Federation, according to Meduza reports.

The drivers taking part in the rally park their trucks along the roads, opposing the "Platon" system for collecting fare for the federal routes of Russia.

The beginning of the protest was reported from St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Primorye, the Amur Region and other regions of Russia.

Some participants of the action also demand suspending the transport tax, adaptation of the working and rest regime of drivers to the Russian realities, as well as the resignation of the current government of Dmitry Medvedev.

Earlier, QHA reported that in different cities of Russia on March 26 mass rallies against corruption were held. The authorities considered these actions unauthorized, therefore the police massively detained people "for violation of public order". According to the materials of the opposition resources of the Russian Federation, 933 people were detained in Moscow only.

PHOTO: Internet