October 11 at about 9 a.m., Ukrainian positions were heavyly bombarded near the villages of Vodyanoe and Shirokino, according to the website 0629.

Reportedly, the militants have fired about 200 shells and mines from self-propelled artillery mounts, howitzers "Gvozdika", 120-mm and 82-mm, ICVs, LNGs and grenade launchers over an hour.

According to the press officer of the "Mariupol" sector Alexander Kindsfater, attacks at the site have lasted over the last three days, and the separatists are using heavy weaponry, including systems "Grad".

The volunteers report on the increased number of people injured. So, the hospital they visited put up 11 victims, and they keep coming, said a volunteer Galina Odnorog.

Yesterday, October 9, a drunk captain of the occupying Russian Armed Forces, driving an official car, hit a local woman who died as a result of the incident in the village of Kadievka (Stakhanov).

Photo: Internet