(QHA) -

The trial of Tair Smedlyaev, arrested Oct 23 on the suspicion of bodily injury of policemen to take place Oct 24.

Police Oct 22 arrested Tair Smedlyaev, brother of Zair Smedlyaev—head of Kurultay’s election committee, accusing him of “violence against police officer” during May 3 peaceful action, when thousands Crimean Tatars came to Ukrainian-Crimean border to meet Mustafa Jemilev, who earlier had been banned on entry Crimea over his “extremist activity”.

“The policemen introduced themselves and told that Tair’s car was involved in a traffic accident and examined his documents. After that they forced Tair and his elder son in the “Gazel” car”- Smedlyaev said to QHA correspondent. “The elder son was later let go as there were another 4-years old son, crying in the car”.

This is not the first case of Crimean Tatars’ detention. Earlier, 2 Crimean Tatars from Krasnogvardeyskoe were arrested and detained for their participation in May 3 action.