During the day, two American reconnaissance aircraft approached the Russian border at the Black Sea coast and were flying close to the Russian-occupied Crimea.

According to the Russian "Interfax" referring to the western sites, recording the movement of military aircrafts, an anti-submarine US Navy patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon took off from the airbase Sigonella in Sicily. In the afternoon Moscow time, it entered the airspace over the Black Sea and went along the southern coast of Crimea.

Reportedly, a USAF strategic electronic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W flew to the coast of Crimea today as well (the plane took off from the airbase Souda Bay on the Greek island of Crete).

In recent years, American reconnaissance aircrafts regularly flew near the Russia's borders in the Black Sea, in particular, close the Crimean coast, as well as to the Russian bases in Syria and areas of the Russian Navy warships deployment in the eastern Mediterranean.

So, at the end of last week, on September 22-24, five American military aircrafts approached the Russian border on the Black Sea in the similar way.

According to military expert Konstantin Mashovets, the US aircraft appeared near the Black Sea due to the increased activity of the occupant submarine Black Sea Fleet, which uses the missile system "Caliber", composed of a long-range cruise missiles 3M14 and an anti-ship 3M54 with detachable supersonic stage.

“The Pentagon is concerned with activity of the Russian submarines, so stepped up intelligence activities over the Black Sea,” Constantine Mashovets says.

Photo: Internet