(QHA) -

A spokesman for the Ukrainian army's operation in eastern Ukraine says government forces killed 150 militants near the town of Mykolayivka, outside of Slovyansk in Donetsk region.

Oleksiy Dmytrashkivskiy said one Ukrainian soldier was killed and another four injured in the fighting, which began on the evening of July 3 and was aimed at sealing off the town.

Separately, residents of Donetsk  city report hearing sounds of fighting involving heavy artillery  overnight. 

A city administration spokesman told reporters the fighting was near the villages of Peski and Karlivka. 

Meanwhile, the head of the separatist Luhansk People's Republic,Valery Bolotov, has dismissed his administration. 

A statement on the self-declared republic's website said Bolotov had appointed Marat Bashirov  as his acting  prime minister, and Dmytro Semenov  and Vasyl Nikitin  as acting first deputy prime ministers.

No reasons for the dismissal of the former administration were given.