The forces of the anti-terrorist operations are ready to withdraw manpower and resources in three areas of Donbas, Interfax-Ukraine reports with reference to the Speaker of ATO Staff Ivan Aref'ev.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine welcome all efforts to settle the conflict in the East of Ukraine, as well as to remove the Russian occupation troops from Donbas. Ukraine is ready to implement the Framework Decision. Withdrawal of forces and means by Ukraine in certain areas - in the village area of  Stanitsa Luhanska, Zolote and Petrovske - is possible only upon fulfillment of all the conditions stipulated by the document, in particular, the complete ceasefire for 7 days,” he said.

The Defense Ministry also noted that Ukraine fulfills each item of the Minsk agreements, but in case of escalation the troops will be ready to return to their original positions.

In turn, the militants do not take efforts to implement the cease-fire agreements. According to the Deputy Head of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine Alexander Hug, the monitoring of the situation is complicated due to the danger of mining in the disengagement areas.

“Together with my colleagues, I established the fact that the access to the area of withdrawing manpower and resources, as well as to the road in this area is limited. The so-called "DPR" (Donetsk People’s Republic – Ed.) didn’t start demining and provide us with security and easy access. SMM can monitor the situation within the zone, but it is not safe,” said Hug.

According to him, the militants of the so-called "DPR," through their inaction, disrupt monitoring capabilities, which is a direct violation of the Minsk agreements.

“I have discussed the matter with the representative of the so-called "DPR" Mr. Yakubov (representative of the "Ministry of Defense of the "DPR" Ruslan Yakubov, - Ed.) at the site and explained him that their inaction and not demining of the territory is the direct violation of the Minsk agreement,” said Alexander Hug.

The OSCE representative noted that the observers will monitor the situation on both sides of the danger zone. He also noted that during his visit to the conflict zone in Donbas, the ceasefire breaches have not been registered.