In the evening of March 21, Russian police in Moscow detained a correspondent of the Ukrainian UNIAN news agency Roman Tsymbalyuk together with the cameraman.

Tsymbalyuk and his colleague were detained after they captured the process of checking their documents by law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation, according to the journalist’s message on Facebook.

Roman Tsymbalyuk wrote that he and the cameraman were taken to the police station, allegedly to check the lawfulness of the shooting. On their way police threatened journalists with administrative liability for holding an unauthorized rally.

"We were detained, taken to the local police station to check if the shooting was "legal”.
First time in my life in a police car. Accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has not worked. They say that we shouted slogans, and maybe held a "meeting".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, called the detention of journalist by the Russian police an act of provocation. The spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, Mariana Betsa made a corresponding statement on her Twitter page.

She informed that the Ukrainian Consul immediately went to the police station, where Tsymbalyuk was kept.

"The detention of journalist Tsymbalyuk is a provocation by the RF. The Consul went to the police station. We take measures to release."

Moscow police officers released the detained correspondents, after three hours in the department. Roman Tsymbalyuk was interrogated by two law enforcers.

Ukrainian journalists have already left the police station.

"We spent three hours in this police station. At this time, each was individually interrogated. They said that we are obliged to give explanations in this situation, which I did. They wanted it to be in writing, but according to Art. 51 of the RF Constitution, I do not have to do this, and I refused. So I wrote them to read the UNIAN news agency and watch "1 + 1" TV channel. After that, some authorized employee held a more intensive interrogation with me for 10 minutes. I have recorded it, it is on my recorder," Tsymbalyuk told UNIAN.

Earlier, on the morning of March 21, FSB officers detained and beat a graduate student of the historical faculty of Moscow State University. The reason was that the young man hung a self-made flag of Ukraine out of his hostel window during the "Spring" concert, timed to the third anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea. Reportedly, his action was not of a political nature.
The journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk was working on the material about this incident and recorded an interview with the affected student.

PHOTO: Internet