The driver of a long haul truck bearing a Ukrainian license plate and headed from Crimea to Ukraine attempted to drive his vehicle through a roadblock set up by activists.

The incident took place at 2.20 p.m. Kiev time.

After the truck reached the border, a group of activists asked the truck’s driver to show what was inside the trailer. However, he vehemently refused to do so and tried to drive his vehicle through the roadblock but unsuccessfully.

After a 2-minute talk with the activists the driver did agree to show the contents of the trailer which turned out to be empty. What it is exactly that made the man go to such extremes is yet unknown.

Following his conversation with the activists, the driver was given unhindered access to enter Ukraine. The truck, identified by activists as being owned by the Artyomovsk meat processing plant, was used for carrying sausages to occupied Crimea.