A total of 30,346 people, including  more than 9,000 killed, were affected by the conflict in the East of Ukraine, said Ivan Simonovic, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights,  speaking at the 31st session of the UN Council on Human Rights in Geneva. 

He went on to say that nearly a thousand unidentified bodies are now in the Ukrainian morgues. At the same time, despite the fact that the number of civilian deaths has decreased, a lot of people are still dying because of shelling and detonating unexploded ordnance.

According Simonovic, just the implementation of the Minsk agreements will help to achieve peace in the east of Ukraine and the Ukraine’s government control over a part of the border with the Russian Federation.

The UN envoy urged both Ukraine and militants to exchange information on the identification of the remains, as well as data about the missing persons.

Photo: Internet