According to an updated report released by the Belgian government, 31 people were killed and 250 injured in the terror attacks in Brussels, reports UNN citing Belgian media.

“The latest official estimates remain unchanged: 31 people killed and some 250 injured, according to the updated information from Maggie De Block, Belgian Health Minister,” says the report.

According to the Belgian crisis center, 10 people were killed and some 100 injured in a terror attack at Brussels’ airport. 20 people were killed and some 130 injured in a blast that occurred outside Brussels’ Maalbeek subway station.

Belgian police reported two police officers, one critically injured and another one lightly wounded, admitted to hospital. Four Brussels Airlines employees are also reported to have sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Two explosions were reported to have occurred at Brussels’ Zaventem airport at 8 a.m. local time on March 22.

Two more explosions were reported at two subway stations, not far from a neighborhood where emigrants reside.

The Belgian government has officially recognized the attacks, which left 34 people killed and 200 injured, acts of terrorism.

The attacks might have been retaliation for a March 18 arrest of Salakh Abdesalam, a man suspected of masterminding terror attacks in Paris.

Some reports suggest ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in Brussels.