Under the law of the country-invader, the "authorities" of Feodosia ordered the dismissal of all medical personnel of kindergartens. A link to the relevant document was posted on Twitter by the "Crimean Bandera".

“Feodosia. All nurses from all kindergartens of the city were fired - there is no money."

The document specifies that all nurses will be dismissed on July 25, 2017.

In the comments, Twitter users wrote that this "law" also acts on the territory of Russia. Such measures are explained by the lack of monetary security.

This information is also confirmed by the propaganda site "Primechaniya" (Notes).

“On May 25, 2017, all 19 nurses in the kindergartens of Feodosia were forced to sign an order according to which they were fired. One of them told us about it, asking not to specify her name. The woman fears that then she will not be given another job, either in her native city or even in the whole Crimea.”

Reportedly, the nurses in kindergartens were dismissed only in Feodosia, according to the medical workers from other cities of the Crimea. In Bakhchysarai, Simferopol and Kerch, everybody is still their positions.

Recently, a crisis situation has been observed in the medical sphere in the Russian-occupied Crimea.

Earlier, QHA reported that due to a shortage of doctors, recently were forced to close the children's hospital department in the village of Gvardeiskoye.

PHOTO: Internet