More than 200 drivers in Crimea got their license revoked because of Ukrainian registration, reports Kryminform.

“209 drivers had their license suspended for a period of one to three months. The reason for suspension was
driving vehicles with Ukrainian registration issued in Crimea prior to  March 18, 2014,” reported the Crimean traffic police press-service.

Moreover, the traffic police informed that since April 1, 3.3 thousand drivers with Ukrainian number plates registered in Crimea have been fined for a total of RUB 1.97 million.

About 30% of cars in Sevastopol have not changed their Ukrainian number plates into Russian ones.

The Crimean "authorities" believe that drivers having Ukrainian numbers, “violate the Russian law."

First time the driver is given a ticket for RUB 500, in case of a repeated violation this sum is increased to RUB 5000. If a car owner regularly comes into view of the traffic police, the driver can have the license revoked
for six months.

Photo: Internet