In the occupied Crimea, the number of people wishing to engage in medical science continues to decrease.

The corresponding statement was made by the deputy director of the Research Institute of Physical Methods of Treatment and Medical Climatology named after Sechenov, main non-stuff specialist for sanatorium treatment of the so-called Ministry of Health of Crimea Vladimir Mizin, who is quoted by local media.

“It is really so. During Ukrainian time of the Crimea the Russian Federation did not have the right to use budgetary funds for sanatorium treatment abroad. This deterred the use of Crimean resorts by social insurance funds, compulsory medical, voluntary medical insurance, pension and other, primarily, budgetary funds. And now there are no such obstacles. Unfortunately, the number of people wishing to engage in medical science has declined sharply in recent years. This is not a field that gives fast and successful career and financial growth to a young person. This is the peculiarity of our national science," he said.

Previously it was reported that in 2017, 1.68 million people was born in Russia, which is 10.9% less than in 2016. This is the minimum figure for the last 10 years.