The Sevastopol charity organization Mobile Medical Center told about what the available medical services look like in the occupied Crimea.

The press service of the center told that people living in the villages of the Sevastopol garrison Belbek, time after time complained that they do not have the opportunity to get to the nearest hospital on the North side of the occupied Sevastopol.

"We, the residents, are far from the hospital, there are elderly people and working people who cannot always stand in line to specialists, and therefore not always have the opportunity to be examined, not to mention treatment," local residents wrote in the appeals.

As a result, from January to March, the benefactors received the patients at the mobile aid stations. About a thousand people applied for help.

“Over 13 days, about a thousand people were examined. In one of our visits our car stayed in Lyubimovka for six days," the organization informs.

According to doctors, the flow of people was very large - 30 people a day, and the photographs of the press service show that the patients included not only pensioners.

After the occupation in the Crimea, the situation with access to medical services has seriously deteriorated. Crimeans say that queues for doctors should be taken early in the morning, but even this does not guarantee getting to the reception.

Earlier QHA reported that the inhabitants of the Crimea massively pretend to be beneficiaries to save on public transport.

Source: Kriminform