Crimeans express indignation due to the closure of 11 health resorts, which the Kremlin-controlled "Ministry of Economic Development of Crimea" is going to "privatize", but in fact just sell.

“Among health resorts there is a unique children's pulmonological sanatorium named after Rosa Luxemburg on the South Coast (now the State-financed organization of the Republic of Crimea "Sanatorium for children and children with parents "Ai-Todor"). Here the children aged 6 to 17 were treated of the upper respiratory tract diseases, asthmatics, as well as children with frequent common cold or ENT diseases.
According to statistics, majority of children are indicated for treatment of these diseases. But the leadership of the Crimea has its own arguments: There is no money for a health resort complex," the message says.

It is specified, that prior to the occupation of Crimea by Russia, the health resort operated and "no one dared to privatize it, depriving children of the right to free treatment ".

In early April, the Kremlin-controlled Crimean authorities decided to prepare 11 health resorts for implementation as investment projects, or for privatization.

The list of health resorts to be sold: Antitubercular sanatorium "Red Lighthouse", sanatorium "Solnechny", TB sanatorium named after Chekhov, anti-tuberculosis sanatorium "Predgorny", the Republican tuberculosis sanatorium named after Semashko, "Pioneer" sanatorium, sanatorium for children and children with parents "Rodina", children's anti-tuberculosis sanatorium "Alupka", sanatorium "Yunost", sanatorium for children and children with parents "Ai-Todor", sanatorium "Priboy".

PHOTO: Internet