The invaders will cut off power in the Crimea,according to the statement of the press service of Crimean State Unitary Enterprise "Krymenergo".

One can familiarize with the detailed schedules of power cuts on a  "Krymenergo" website.

The invaders report that the deficit of electricity in the winter on the peninsula can reach 120 megawatts.

It should be noted that, despite the launch of the third thread of the Russian energy bridge in the spring of 2016, power outages continue in the annexed Crimea. Since December 2015, the Crimea has ceased to receive electricity from the mainland of Ukraine due to damage to the transmission tower in the Kherson region. To date, the Crimea is supplied by its own generation, generator sets from Russia and the energy bridge from the Kuban.

Previously, in December of last year, the rolling blackouts occurred in Simferopol. Occupiers also associated it with scheduled repair works of the State Unitary Enterprise RC "Krymenergo".

Later, in the Sudak region of the Crimea  partial light outages occurred due to increased wind speed. The local residents reported, the village of Bohatovka was completely de-energized and the village of Solnechnaya Dolina was partially de-energized. In total, about 5 thousand inhabitants of this region remained without power supply