Some residents of Sevastopol have to spend half of day in queues for subsidized medicines in social drugstores and even on the street, according to Pod Pritselom publication.

Sevastopol residents express their dissatisfaction with the situation in social networks. For example, Olga Bogdanova stood in line nearly five hours at the pharmacy on the October Revolution Av. to purchase the necessary medicines.

“It's just a mockery of the people, especially of our pensioners .. It's bad enough that people are actually standing on the street, there are no benches, no pews! It's sad for our elders,” the Crimean wrote, adding that the queue stretched far beyond the pharmacy premises.

Not all beneficiaries are able to wait their turn and to buy the necessary medicines.

This situation is explained by the fact that the occupation authorities have not carried out  the competition for the purchase of medicines in time. Earlier 18 social pharmacies operated in Sevastopol. 33 thousand beneficiaries reside in the city.

Photo: Internet