On the night of August 27 unknown threw three Molotov cocktails into the mosque in the village of Pozharskoe, Simferopol region, reported the press service of the Spiritual Management of the Muslims of Crimea.

The attackers failed to get inside the mosque, so a small fire broke out in several places near the walls of the building and at the foot of the minaret. The investigative team has arrived at the scene. So far the law enforcement officers are conducting the necessary investigative actions.

According to the Deputy Mufti Ayder Ismailov, this is not the first case of attempted arson of a mosque in the village of Pozharskoe.

- Seven months ago there was an attempt to set fire to the mosque, and the same situation has happened again. Hopefully, the attackers will be found and punished. One question still remains, who benefits from this? said Mufti.

Ismayilov also went on to say that the investigation of the incident is under control of the Spiritual Managment of Muslims of Crimea.

Photo: Internet