Two years of Russian occupation of Crimea resulted in numerous violations of human rights on the peninsula. Initiation of a number of trumped-up criminal cases against Ukrainians accused of such serious crimes as "genocide, mass murders, terrorism and espionage" became one of the tools of intimidating politically active citizens. The innocent people who by chance or as a result of special services actions fell into the hands of Russian "law enforcement forces" became victims of criminal prosecution.  As of now, a total of 28 Ukrainians are known to have faced unlawful criminal prosecution in Russia on the basis of national origin and political opinion.

Within the framework of LetMyPeopleGo human rights campaign, the defenders and activists of the EuroMaidan SOS community jointly with the Center for Civil Liberties and the Open Dialogue Foundation have prepared a report on 27 Ukrainians and 1 citizen of the European State who faced the politically-motivated criminal prosecution in Russia and occupied Crimea.

The QHA news agency presents the publication.

Photo: Internet