An active phase of the strategic command-staff exercises of the RF Armed Forces "Caucasus-2016"has started, informs the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to the agency, control offices, communications and units deployed at the sites of the RF Southern Military District and to the occupied Crimea, are in full combat readiness.

The force grouping of the Southern Military District increased by 11.2 thousand military units due to West, Central, Eastern military districts, and the Airborne Troops.

According to Intelligence reports, the units and means of the Russian Air and Space Forces are ready to provide close air support for the land and sea components of the exercise. Ship groupings of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla left their permanent operation bases and began the transition to the sea polygon Opuk in the Crimea and the northwestern part of the Caspian Sea, respectively.

At the same time, the formations and units of the first (Donetsk) and second (Luhansk) corps of the RF Territorial Army Center (Novocherkassk) of the RF Southern Military District started the command and staff training.

Photo: Internet