The law enforcement services in annexed Crimea are getting ready for possible terrorist attacks on the Crimean Tatar Remembrance Day of Deportation, which are allegedly plotted by the Crimean Tatar activists, an activist of the Crimean Tatar National Movement, entrepreneur Erfan Kudusov-Beshuyli wrote on Facebook.

- According to the information provided by a reliable source from Crimea, the law enforcement services of the Russia’s occupation regime are getting ready for the terrorist acts on the Crimean Tatar Remembrance Day of Deportation May 18, allegedly planned by the Crimean Tatars in the city center (Kuibyshev market, Moskoltso and some major shopping Simferopol centers), wrote the activist.

He also added he put the information in the public domain since "it can be potentially dangerous or can be specifically manipulated by the Russian secret services for their own purposes."

Photo: Internet