The so-called "Minister of Agriculture" of Crimea Andrew Ryumshin pointed to a number of serious problems in his area of jurisdiction.

According to him, the main problem of agriculture in the Peninsula is low creditworthiness of agricultural enterprises, reduction of the total irrigation area due to lack of the required amount of water - from 400 thousand hectares to 13 thousand hectares, and, accordingly, the extinction of crops common in Crimea like rice, soybeans and corn.

The so-called Minister noted that the problem of the water for irrigation must be urgently solved.

“To deal with these and other pressing issues of the agricultural sector we should engage the unused agricultural land in the crop rotation, search for alternative sources of water for the irrigation of farmland, transfer the industry to the intensive development of horticulture, viticulture and wine-making, develop food processing industry and greenhouse vegetable production, as well as increase vegetable and fruit warehouse capacities,” the self-proclaimed official said.

Earlier, QHA reported, that a self-proclaimed ex-official of Crimea Garanchuk stated that "soon Aksenov will bring Crimea to an open rebellion", commenting on the situation with the shutdown of a village from the water supply in the Russia-annexed Crimea.

Photo: Internet