Three Crimean candidates from the "United Russia" can get the mandates of the MPs to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, reported online edition Crimean Events. Crimean political scientist Denis Baturin said that at least three candidates can enter the State Duma basing on the number of votes secured by the party of power in all the Crimean regions.

So far, the figure is somewhere about 3.8, said Baturin.

However, the political scientist noted that these are not the final results since the vote counting and protocol processing have not been finished yet. In addition, it is the Head of the Party Dmitry Medvedev who will take the final decision on the regional MP to enter the State Duma.

The Crimean "Prime Minister" Sergei Aksenov heads the regional list of candidates with the "United Russia". The second and third places are taken by the First "Deputy Prime Minister" of the Crimea Mikhail Sheremet and "Deputy Prime Minister" Ruslan Balbec. Fourth place in the list is taken by the Crimean "Prosecutor" Natalia Poklonskaya.

September 18, Russian citizens voted for MPs to the State Duma. Considering Crimea the Russian territory and breaching the international law, the RF illegally opened polling stations in the occupied part of Ukraine.

Most countries have refused to send observers to the elections in Crimea. The OSCE and the Venice Commission did not monitor the results of the voting in the occupied peninsula as well.

Russia promises to publish data on the voter turnout in the Crimea after the are announced. Crimean Tatars boycotted the elections to the Russian State Duma in the annexed Crimea.

Photo: Internet