Following the detention of the Krasnoperekopsk "Head of the Administration" Igor Yatsishin on suspicion of taking bribes, the so-called Prime Minister of the occupied Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, threatened to punish corrupt "officials" and cautioned "people who can not control their grasping reflexes" against public service, according to his message on of Facebook.

“Everyone who is going to transgress the law, should know: Punishment is inevitable. No one should hope that it is them and it is time when they dodged a bullet. They don’t. People who can not control their grasping reflexes sould not even approach public service.”

Aksyonov promised to take a more careful approach to recruiting personnel for the "civil service" in the Crimea.

Earlier, QHA reported that on March 10, employees of the invaders special services in Crimea managed to suppress the illegal activities of an "official" from Simferopol who distributed methamphetamine, produced at his home laboratory, according to the occupants-controlled Crimean media.

Reportedly, the "official" was the Head of the budgetary municipal cultural institution "Variety Art Center".

PHOTO: Internet