“Head of Crimean Government” Sergei Aksyonov called the visit of the Crimean delegation to Syria "a breakthrough in international political relations."

Aksyonov made a corresponding statement on the air of the program "Serious conversation" on the television channel "First Crimean".

“Crimea for the first time in the delegation went to a foreign meeting. In terms of international politics, this is a breakthrough. Some of my colleagues rightly believe that political dividends can be even higher than economic ones.”

Aksyonov said that Crimea has reached agreements with Syria on the cargo traffic of goods to 1 million tons per year.

Reportedly, Syria plans to supply raw materials to the occupied peninsula for chemical enterprises, in particular, for the Crimean Titan plant.

According to the puppet head of the Crimea, "only there one can get high-quality products at a reasonable price."

Delegation from Crimea visited Syria from October 15 to 16. The visit was timed to "Days of the Republic of Crimea in Syria".

Aksyonov held talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The parties allegedly reached agreements of an economic nature.

Electrical equipment, rye and wheat flour is expected for supply from Crimea to Syria.

In turn, the regime of Assad should supply citrus fruits, vegetables and phosphates to the Crimea for the work of the Crimean chemical enterprises.

Source: "First Crimean" TV channel