The head of the puppet government of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov made another absurd statement - this time about re-establishment of the collective farms like in the USSR on the annexed peninsula.

Aksyonov said that he regrets the elimination of collective and state farms of the Soviet era.

"This is a negative example of how it is possible to ruin agriculture very quickly. It is clear that every person, even having a land share, is not able to process it on his own," he said.

He offered to purchase land shares from private traders and return them to state ownership in order to follow the path of forming collective farms.

"Nothing will work otherwise," Aksyonov said, adding that the region is currently trying to achieve the results of 1989 in agriculture.

Earlier Aksyonov voiced an equally absurd proposal, about holding an international conference in Crimea on the crimes of "Ukrainian Nazism". In this way he commented on the process of de-communization in Ukraine, which he considers to be Nazism.

Earlier, Aksyonov surprised by a decree, according to which officials in the occupied Crimea, appointed by the head of collaborators, can no longer receive foreign awards and titles without his knowledge.

Source: News of Crimea