(QHA) -

Searches in the Mejlis office are related with the “signals about banned literature”, acting head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said to ITAR- TASS.

As we earlier reported, FSB officers and police encircled the building of Mejlis September 16 morning, broke into the building and conducted a search for 12 hours.

“In this case, special forces [FSB] were doing their job, according to the instructions. There were signals about banned literature and other materials”- he said.

According to Aksyonov “there are no problems between Crimean authorities and Crimean Tatars.

“Crimean authorities have no problems with neither Crimean Tatars, nor other Crimea residents. We do not separate people on the basis of their nationality”- he said.

To recall, policemen gave Mejlis stuff 24 hours to leave the building, otherwise they would be evicted by force.