According to Sergey Aksyonov, the so-called Head of the Republic of Crimea, the FSS and other law enforcement agencies will deal ‘with each and every organizer of subversive activities against Russia and Crimea, as well as members and abettors of extremist organizations’. Aksyonov said that commenting on the today’s searches the FSS conducted at companies owned by Lenur Islyamov, one of the organizers of a civil blockade of Crimea.

“The so called blockade of Crimea which is being coordinated by Islyamov did not stop him from doing his business in Crimea. And the hateful statements towards Russia he has been making in public are no obstacle for him to keep his Russian citizenship. While urging to starve residents of Crimea to death, deprive them of electricity and water and cut supplies of basic necessities to them, he is lining his pockets with money by doing business in Crimea. That is low and hypocritical! So, what the law enforcement agencies are primarily doing is restoring justice,” said Aksyonov.

It was reported earlier that the FSS launched a criminal case against Lenur Islyamov on October 22.

The Russian occupation authorities are now conducting searches at homes of Elzara Islyamova, Director of ATR TV Channel, Lili Budzhurova, a journalist, and Edem Islyamov, CEO of SimCityTrans carrier.

All of the three individuals are either business partners or employees of the companies owned by Lenur Islyamov, a Crimean Tatar businessman, public activist and one of the instigators of a civil blockade of Crimea aimed at cutting business relations with the occupied peninsula.

According to Islyamov, his house in Moscow is currently being searched by the police.

The Russian Central Bank revoked a license and placed under temporary administration Just Bank owned by Lenur Islyamov.