May 17, the Head of the public organization "Center for Citizens Initiatives" Sharon Tennison, seen in long-standing ties with Russia, visited the children's center "Artek" and "Crimean Federal University" together with a group of US citizens.

A group of US citizens, who had recently visited the Crimea, got to the list of the Ukrainian site "Peacemaker", that aims to reveal personal information of people whose actions have signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, human security, and the international law.

“Due to illegal crossing the state border of Ukraine, pro-Russian propaganda and denying the Russian aggression and annexation of the Crimea citizens of the United States Anne Wright, Elizabeth Murray, Sharon Tennyson, Deborah Palmieri and Kimberly Veichel are listed in the "Purgatory", reads the message.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has not yet made any comments on the visit of Americans to the Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet