Russia began preparations for the annexation of Crimea back in 2010, when Viktor Yanukovych came to power. The former acting Minister of Defense, ex-Commander of the Navy Ihor Tenyukh made a corresponding statement during an interrogation in the Obolon District Court of Kyiv as one of the witnesses in the case of high treason by the Ukrainian ex-president Yanukovych.

Preparation began with personnel cleansing, reducing the number of fleets, dissolving the commissariats and manning the Navy with contract soldiers from the Crimea. Tenyukh explains his dismissal from the post of commander from the Navy in 2010 with this so-called ‘mop-up’.

“The only thing that the Minister of Defence Yezhel said to me over the phone: You will not be the commander. And according to my sources, they received an order from the Kremlin ‘to remove this Bandera,” Tenyukh said. 

Earlier QHA reported that in 2014 the Chief of the General Staff was inciting the military to treason.