The so-called topic of Ukraine’s subversive actions in Crimea is gaining momentum. The number of detainees has gone up to nine people, reported "Interfax" citing a law enforcement officer:

 So far, nine people have already been detained and two of them arrested. In the near future they can be charged with organizing the terrorist acts, as well as complicity in terrorist activities.

According to "Interfax", two more people have already been detained.

They are Crimean residents who have recently received Russian citizenship.

The Intelligence Directorate with the Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said charges of the Russia's FSB are fake.

In the official statement President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko claimed that Russia’s accusations are senseless and cynical. The Head of State stressed that Ukraine seeks to restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty, including the de-occupation of the Crimea, solely by politico-diplomatic means.