In Crimea, FSS officers held up Vladimir Baluh, a member of the Svoboda Party, writes Liza Bogutskaya, a public activist and blogger, in her Facebook account.

“Friends! This is what I received from Crimea:

”Hello, Liza,

Yesterday, I accidentally learned that another pro-Ukrainian patriot by the name of Vladimir Baluh was arrested by police in the Razdolnensky district. I don’t know who I should inform about this, nor can I openly write about this. Can you publish this information on some social media? Perhaps, nobody in Ukraine is aware of this? He is a member of the Svoboda Party.”

Bogutskaya insists that representatives of the Crimean Field Mission on Human Rights look into the matter.

“Now that everyone has read this, they will know about the situation. I think that Olga Skripnik should also do something about it. After all, the job of a human rights activist lies not only in speaking her mind about the blockade but also responding to Ukrainian citizens being arrested and put in prison by the FSS, Bogutskaya writes.