Armed men prohibit climbers from ascending mountains over the southern coast of the Crimea.

The climbers are not detained, however their documents are checked and they are prohibited from climbing to the top. Security forces explain their actions by "checks" and "exercises".

So, lovers of the active holiday complain that they are not allowed to go through one of the most popular segments of the Great Sevastopol trail - from Lyaspy to the top of Ilyas-Kaya. The armed people sent everyone back at the ascent and allow only to the rocks of Tyshlar ("Temple of the Sun").

“On the ascent to Ilyas at the trail, there were two military men in uniform. They were sitting by the fire, although now a fire hazard period was announced. On the trail a tape was pulled up which looked like a constructing one. They said this line must not be crossed because of the exercises. We went down (to Tyshlar), wanted to climb the section from where at least some part of Foros is visible. But we were not allowed to - there were military in the bushes as well. One told us that the exercises will last for another week,” said the resident of the annexed Sevastopol Kseniya.

On the rocks of Uarch-Kaya and Parus over Foros, climbing workouts are taking place, but there, the documents are constantly checked as well. People are not forbidden to go the route, but they cannot set up tents and arrange multi-day trainings.

Occupiers also banned the passage of a popular site in Sarych (over the Sevastopol-Yalta highway).

The president of the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of Sevastopol Yuri Kruglov noted that such checks of documents are causing inconveniences.

“During three weeks in August, I was climbing Balchik-Kaya, which is located right over a new cottage in the village Oliva, where there is a six-meter fence right at the road (Sevastopol-Yalta). Finally, we got on a new route, and there, at the top, we met the military.”

Main Directorate of Natural Resources and Ecology of Sevastopol Sevprirodnadzor stressed that armed people in the mountains are guards of "state" cottage houses, and they will be in the forests and on the routes until September 26 - until the lifting of the high security regime.

People in the occupied Crimea fear that rock climbing and climbing along the routes from Battleman to Cape Aya will soon be closed and it will not be allowed even to walk there.

Earlier, it was reported that the so-called State Committee for Registration and Cadastre of the Russia-occupied Crimea is working on registration of land plots of the North-Crimean channel for exploitation.

Source: Primechaniya