In the Black Sea near Odesa, the state tests of small armored gunboats "Ackermann" and "Berdyansk" have been completed. They are expected to become operational in Ukrainian Navy in December.

According to the Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of the AFU on combat training Alexey Neizhpapa, the tests have been completed successfully. Boats have shown uninterrupted operation of systems and mechanisms. Particular attention was paid to the work of weapon station and navigation equipment.

Operation of the artillery fire control systems, as well as assemblies and electro-mechanical mechanisms of the engine-room branch, in particular the parameters of the main engines, have been tested in the sea range.

"I often went out on these boats, which pleasantly surprised me," said the Commander of the surface ships brigade, Captain 2nd Rank Dmitry Glukhov.

It should be noted that at different stages of the test, the boats "Ackermann" and "Berdyansk" remained at sea for 5 days, even in storm conditions, demonstrating good speed performance. According to military experts, the boats fully comply with the specifications, developed by designers.

The small armored artillery boats "Gurza-M" (58155 project) were built by PJSC Leninska Kuznia, commissioned by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in accordance with the state contract, signed in October 2014.

The boats are designed to protect and defend ports and sea (river) communications within the territorial waters; isolate areas of sea (river) shore; protect shipping on border rivers; and assist the State Border Service of Ukraine to strengthen the protection of the state border.


Displacement - 50.7 tones;
Length - 23 m;
Width - 4.8 m;
Draught - 1.0 m;
Power - two CAT 3406E diesel engines of Caterpillar company with total capacity of 2000 h.p.;
Maximum speed - 28 knots;
Economical speed - 11 knots;
Cruising range - 700 miles;
Autonomy - 5 days;
Crew - 5 people;


2 remote controlled sea weapon stations BM-5M.01 "Katran-M" consisting of:
- 30-mm automatic cannons ZTM1.
- 30-mm automatic grenade launchers.
- 7.62-mm machine gun CT.
- 2-ATGM "Barrier" with a laser guidance system

Optoelectronic fire control system.

By Maxim Tihanov