A helicopter of Bashar al-Assad’s Air Force dropped "barrel" bombs at the opposition- controlled area of Mashhad in Aleppo.

According to the preliminary data, 20 people have been killed and 25 injured, reported the Anadolu state news agency citing a representative for the Civil Defense Office in Aleppo Ibrahim Abu Leis. Women and children are also among the dead. The victims need blood.

The civil defense teams are trying to get five family members, including children out from the rubble of the buildings destroyed. The citizens are scared of coming to this place due to the Assad regime attacks. The Syrian Air Forces again struck the same place, said Ibrahim Leis.

He went on saying that the Military Air Forces of the Assad regime and the Russian Defense Ministry bombed a Blood Transfusion Centre in Aleppo, although the city needs blood donations. Five hospitals have been damaged severely.

The opposition-controlled areas need medical equipment and supplies, he said.

PHOTO: Reuters