‘Deputy Prime Minister’ of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbek said that Ukraine must conduct a new demarcation of the border with the Crimea, so that the peninsula was no longer identified with the Ukrainian territory on maps. The newspaper ‘Ukraina Moloda’ writes that he finds unacceptable that Ukraine, like it used to, depicts the peninsula on their maps not as part of Russia.

- It’s time for official Kiev to admit the obvious fact and start preparing a new demarcation of the borders with the Crimean peninsula. This would correspond to the national interests and current realities - Balbek says.

According to the ‘Deputy Prime Minister’, talking on 'Russian annexation of the peninsula' has lost its relevance even for the inhabitants of Western Ukraine.

As stated by the Kremlin-controlled Crimean government, the demarcation of the new border "could be the first step to the improvement of the Ukrainian-Russian relations."

- It is always better to reconcile the neighbors than try to take something away from Russia - Balbek said, calling Kiev’s position losing.

Recently, Moscow said that it expects to resume negotiations with Ukraine on the border, when the "political conditions are ripe" in Kiev.

Photo: QHA