(QHA) -

Crimean authorities made a decision to nationalize "Ayvazovskoye" GP integral property complex, urban-type settlement of Partenit, located in picturesque south coast of Crimea.

A total of 68 Crimean MP voted in favor during the Parliament session Nov 12.

"It is offered to include the integral property complex, landscape gardening art memorial park located in Partenit to the Republic of Crimea property. It is "Ayvazovskoye", a well-known object", chairman of the State Council Vladimir Konstantinov noted.

This come after in the middle of July, 2014 the procurator's office of Crimea filed a lawsuit to claim a number of Partenit Settlement Council decisions of 2007-2010 on land plots of 26.2 hectares from which 18 hectares are objects of natural-reserved fund transfer to Ayvazovskoye therapeutic complex. Supervisory department revealed land allocation procedure discrepancy with the legislation standards operating by the time of controversial decisions adoption.

The Ayvazovskoye therapeutic complex was controlled by the former governor of Donetsk oblast Sergey Taruta. The area of the health resort located at a root of Ayu-Dag mountain makes 25 hectares.