Eskander Bariyev, a member of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, joined a live round table discussion called the Crimean Issue and aired by the UA: First TV Channel.

Among other things, Briyev spoke out on what forms resistance in Crimea should take:

“The occupants are breaking their own laws. We should be raising legal awareness of the people so they know their rights and talk more with each other. That way we will be able to impact on the processes going on there to some extent. We have seen the occupants often drive themselves into a corner,” said Eskander Bariyev, Chairman of the Committee for Protection of Crimean Tatars’ Rights.

It was reported earlier that February 26 became a symbolic date and may be called the Day of Crimean Resistance to Russian Occupation. It was on that day that the largest rally against separatist sentiments at the Crimean Parliament and, given the way events unfolded, against occupation of Crimea.

The Russian Federation occupied Crimea in February-March 2014, calling a referendum of March 16 on joining Russia rigged. Most countries of the world did not recognize Crimea. To Ukraine, Crimea remains a temporarily occupied territory.